but then you won’t be learning anything!! how do you expect to pass the chapter test next week!? whatever. your choice, i guess.
and his name is zim! i almost forgot—now that you’re here, you can help me prove to tumblr that zim is a real alien and that i do actually know what i’m talking about!!! c’mon, i mean, you’ve seen him in class! he’s definitely an alien, right? people believe him on here, he even has followers, but imagine if they saw his hideous green flesh with their own eyes! he wouldn’t be so popular, huh?

As if that matters. When am I really going to use any of that crap in the real world?

Oh my gosh. I should have expected this. I’m not going to be pulled into this silly game you guys have. Aliens don’t exist! He’s really weird and green and doesn’t know when to shut up and can’t understand social cues but HE’S NOT AN ALIEN. Why do you care so much?



It’s not like I wanted to find you on here. You showed up on recommended blogs.

I’m not saying anything like that. Who are you trying to fool? You are not normal.

HAH. so even this wretched COMEDIC PUNCHLINE of a SOCIAL EARTH MEDIA NETWORK acknowledges my superiority to ever other blog-possessor on the planet.  feel honored that ive allowed you this privilege, jessica, and make no attempt to unfollow my prolific blogging-activities.

You poor, misled, freakish idiot.  I am so very, very normal

You are so full of yourself. It was only a coincidence that you popped up there. And what privilege? Your blog isn’t anything that special. I could unfollow any time I want to. You can’t stop me.

No, you’re not.

Anonymous: Five nights at Jessica's...


Anonymous: B̢̯̲̼̼̳͚͖̫͘U̡̙͙̖̺͈̮T̖̯̠͢T̢̖͇̳͉̞̩̀ ̺̬̗̳̟̝̺̬̘͜C̵̸̻͠ͅR̢̝A̛͕̟̩̝̖̬̠̼̙Ć̸̛̙̱̦K̭̗̟͜ͅS̸̯̭̹̱͎̫̜

No, anon.

Anonymous: exactly how many people did you kill to get this url

more than I should say

Anonymous: you’re cooler than me? guess that makes me hotter than you

Have fun being gross and sweaty.

Anonymous: I Had Sex With Aliens Yesterday no This is no joke

Dib? Is this you? I don’t need to hear about your sex life.

Anonymous: Have I seen you somewhere before? You look kind of familiar...

Do you go clubbing?

Anonymous: *Hides in the corner and whimpers*

Get out of my house.

Anonymous: So Gretchen is now gone... permanently.. I hope you're happy... ╥﹏╥

Good. One less freak.