Anonymous: If you leave tumblr, my house will get destroyed!

Hmm.. Maybe I should leave.

Anonymous: i'm 3 hot 5 you

I think you meant 2 and 4.
Also, no, you’re not.

Anonymous: I just got sp00ked, help me!

It’s October. Deal with it yourself.

Anonymous: Dib is gonna hibernate next month for 5 months hes so lucky he doesnt get to go so skool

Hopefully he doesn’t come back.


Oh well. Still a good burger.

Anonymous: When life gives you lemons, you shove them down your throat. Simple. :)

I think I’ll shove them down yours.

▶ Late Night Texting w/ Nergal Jr



[TXT] Sheesh! No I’m not this Keef. I’m Nergal Jr. I don’t attend the same school he does.

Well what are the odds of that happening?

[TXT] Yeah. We go to the same school.

[TXT] Good. I’d have to change my number if you were him.

[TXT] So how do you know Zim?

▶ Late Night Texting w/ Nergal Jr


[TXT] Oh crap
[TXT] Wrong number
[TXT] I tried to send this to my friend Zim

Yes. The alien. Or the alien Dib claims to be.

Well that’s not what she was expecting.

[TXT] Is that the green one?

[TXT] He actually has a friend?

[TXT] You’re not Keef, are you?

Anonymous: *watches and plays with your fingers*

*slaps your hand away* Stop that.

▶ Late Night Texting w/ Nergal Jr


OPEN + No OCs Please


Mmmrgh. Can’t sleep. Junior reaches over to his nightstand and while his eyes remained quite heavy, he drowsily pattered on his cellular phone.

[TXT]: “Are you awake? I can’t sleep.”

The girl should be sleeping by now, but texting her friends was obviously much more important. She was immediately notified of a message right after sending a text to Aki. She didn’t recognize the number. How odd.

[TXT] Who are you?
[TXT] Did I meet you when I was drunk?